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Tutor Qualifications

The Winn Tutoring staff is comprised of exceptional graduate and undergraduate students, or recent college grads, who have demonstrated subject matter expertise, as well as the character and personality that make them outstanding role models. The Winn Tutoring philosophy is to approach tutoring with an upbeat, creative attitude. The enthusiasm and energy that our tutors display inspire students to maximize their capacity to achieve. The relative youth of our tutors enables them to present students with the most current knowledge available and allows them to effectively serve as a mentor and an "Academic Personal Trainer".

Winn Tutors are at the top of every category – grades, test scores, work experience, and community involvement. Many were high school valedictorians, National Merit Scholars, and scholarship recipients. And many already have advanced degrees or are working towards one. All of our tutors undergo background checks, selective interviewing, and a careful screening process.

Exceptional graduate and undergrad students are ready to help you.

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